Sunrise Bracket

Managing Dynamic Range: Focus Stacking Helps my HDR Shot

I used bracketing in this sunrise shot to manage wide dynamic range, but lost detail because of it.
For this week's edit, I create my ideal grayscale image using a focus stack, selective channel information and some other favorite tools. I then apply that grayscale version back to the original to add tonal contrast just where I want it. Lots of fun for me; I hope you enjoy it too.

This video builds on knowledge from previous videos, running full-tilt through tools and methods to achieve the edit. For fuller explanations, return to the Home Page and scroll down to Topics Discussed or Modules Used on the right-hand bar. Click on any of these, and we assemble a complete playlist of every instance from a knowledge base of our first 27 videos for quick review right here on the site.

Sunrise RAW 1
Sunrise RAW XMP 1
Sunrise RAW 2
Sunrise RAW XMP 2
Sunrise RAW 3
Sunrise RAW XMP 3
Sunrise Focus XMP
Sunrise HDR XMP 1
Sunrise HDR XMP 2

8 thoughts on “Sunrise Bracket

  1. I found a software that downloads YouTube videos with the subtitles: 4k video downloader. The subtitles are downloaded in a .srt text file, again thanks for your great tutorials. Best regards.

    • Holger this is fantastic work. Very intuitive! It’ll be my episode this week. Thank you so much for your work. I’d love to give you credit, is there a website I can direct people to?

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  4. Thanks for your videos with darktable. They allow me to evolve with this software. As I am only a francophone, the development text list allowed me to follow him easily in a translator (the one I used for this comment, sorry). I regret that your latest videos do not have this text anymore. Best regards.

    • Merci Jean-Paul GAUCHE pour le commentaire. Je m’excuse pour mon francais pauvre aussi – c’est le site de traduction. Nous nous sommes demandés si quelqu’un utilisait le texte pour la traduction. Vous êtes le premier nous en avons reçu des nouvelles. Si c’est important pour assez de personnes, nous commencerons de nouveau.
      Thank you for the comment. I hope that made some sense in French 🙂
      –Harry and Mouse

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