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Animate your edit

A script and some simple Milky Way techniques this week

I've been doing a lot of Milky Way shooting recently and have developed some quick techniques for getting consistent results in Darktable. In this episode, I share my night photography processing tips and tricks. I also share with you my script to create a slideshow video from your sidecar XMP files. My script can accept multiple file inputs, so it can follow an edit through various saved points along the way.

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Milky Way RAW
Milky Way RAW XMP
Milky Way TIF
Milky Way TIF XMP
Milky Way final JPG
Milky Way slideshow of edit

Script to make slideshow from sidecar files


# usage: dt_movie.zsh file1.RAW file2.tif etc
# requires the use of sidecar xmp files
# make sure Darktable isn't running because only 1 instance is allowed at a time

rm -fr /tmp/dt_movie*
mkdir /tmp/dt_movie &> /dev/null
typeset -Z4 index1 movie_index hist_index frame
index1=0; movie_index=1
echo "index /t hist /t enabled /t operation /t filename" |expand -t16
echo "---"
for file in "$@"; do
  grep -B1 'enabled=' $file.xmp |tr 'n' ' ' |sed -e 's/-- */!/g' |tr '!' 'n' |cut -d'"' -f2,4 |tr '"' ' ' |while read operation enabled; do
    echo "$index1 t $index2 t $enabled t $operation t $file" |expand -t16 >>/tmp/dt_movie.list
cat /tmp/dt_movie.list
echo -n "starting point (1): "
read starting_point
[ -z $starting_point ] && starting_point=0
seq $starting_point $index1 |while read hist_index; do
  grep "^$hist_index" /tmp/dt_movie.list |read a b c d e
  if [ $c -eq 1 ]; then
    rm /tmp/dt_movie.jpg &> /dev/null
    cp $e.xmp /tmp/dt_movie.xmp
    sed -i "s/darktable:history_end.*$/darktable:history_end="$b">/" /tmp/dt_movie.xmp
    darktable-cli "$e" /tmp/dt_movie.xmp /tmp/dt_movie.jpg --width $frame_width --height $frame_height &> /dev/null
    echo "$a"/"$index1" $d |read text
    echo $text
    convert /tmp/dt_movie.jpg -pointsize $font_size -fill "#FFFFFF" -draw "text 10,32 '$text'" -background black -gravity center -extent "$frame_width"x"$frame_height" /tmp/dt_movie/$movie_index.jpg &> /dev/null
seq 1 $extra_frames |while read frame; do
  convert /tmp/dt_movie.jpg -pointsize $font_size -fill "#FFFFFF" -draw "text 10,32 '$text - finished'" -background black -gravity center -extent "$frame_width"x"$frame_height" /tmp/dt_movie/$movie_index.jpg &> /dev/null
  echo $frame
avconv -f image2 -r $((1/$frame_seconds)) -i /tmp/dt_movie/%04d.jpg -aspect 16:9 -b:v 15000k -y $first.avi &> /dev/null
rm -fr /tmp/dt_movie*