Senja Peninsula

First looks at new Haze Removal module in Darktable

Quite the dramatic mountain, this shot is from the Senja peninsula north of Norway. The original image needed heavy use of tone mapping and Lab color levels, but all the information was there in the RAW. I take an initial look at the Haze Removal module included in the development version of Darktable, and give an extra example to demonstrate its power and ease of use.

Thank you for your RAW contribution Julien. It was fun to work with and a breathtaking scene.

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Senja RAW

4 thoughts on “Senja Peninsula

  1. Harry,
    I enjoyed your work on Senja, Norway.
    This is my grandfather’s birthplace, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Do you have a photoprint of your finished work of Senja?
    Marilee Wallace

  2. Harry, I want to follow along with your photo but it did not save the raw image but rather as (example) 20160911-NOR-12h12m19s.orf.webp

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