Compositing with Darktable

Extend Darktable’s functionality by compositing with the watermark module

In this video tutorial I look at compositing with the watermark module. The procedure is simple but powerful. Here's how it works:

Darktable's watermark module allows you to overlay an svg file on the current canvas. I find 8mb to be the current upper limit on the file size of the svg in order for Darktable to import it properly. A bitmap image can be converted into an svg file by using inkscape like this:

inkscape -f filename.jpg -l filename.svg

It's that simple. The svg file needs to be located in


Blending can be accomplished with the usual suite of blending operators (drawn and parametric).

* note: in this video I use the Raw black/white point module... but that is probably not a good idea. The exposure module is the much preferred solution!

The RAW file used in this video is available here. Thank you fatdunky for the contribution 🙂