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This Week Is All About Color

I've been working on a Lab Color Reference Chart, which you can download here. I looked through many thousands of images to find examples of common colors. After sampling and sanity checks on the data, I came up with these numbers as starting points for white balance and color correction in general.
These references are already quite valuable in my work; I hope they help you also. I put a copy of the png file in the directory I'm working in, to give me quick reference to the chart while working in Darktable.

The RAW file used in this video is available here. Thank you Andreas for the contribution 🙂

I also calibrated my monitor for both web and print profiles. After a bunch of bumping around in the dark, I came up with a simple solution here:

dispwin -c
dispcal -v -m -H -y l -q l -t 6500 -b 80 -g 2.2 web
targen -v -d 3 -G -f 128 web
dispread -v -N -H -y l -k web
colprof -v -D "web" -C "Harry Durgin Photography" -q m -a G -n c web

dispwin -c
dispcal -v -m -H -y l -q l -t 5500 -b 80 -g 2.2 print
targen -v -d 3 -G -f 128 print
dispread -v -N -H -y l -k print
colprof -v -D "print" -C "Harry Durgin Photography" -q m -a G -n c print

I switch between them with a hot key sequence. For web I use

dispwin -I web.icc

and for print

dispwin -I print.icc

I hope it works for you too.

6 thoughts on “Lab Color Chart

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  2. Hello Harry. Thank you for sharing your chart! Just as an idea for future improvements: provide color samples (or gradient) for those Lab values. And turn off spellchecker during file export ( is highlighted) ?

  3. As a suggestion, maybe make the name of the post clickable so people can easier get to the blog post of it with the links on the side with the procedures. At present you have to move down and click on the posted date to get into the post with the links. Regards

  4. Hi Harry,

    my girlfriend and I cycled on the Lofoten and Vesterålen islands for three weeks this year. The mountain is called Fløya where I took that picture. You can find a few more pictures are at

    Thanks for another amazing video. I think I need to take vacation for a week to learn and try all that stuff I learn here every week 🙂 Thanks for those great darktable videos.

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