Facebook 360 View

Facebook 360 View Script

Facebook automatically offers you a 360 View option for any image for which the EXIF data conforms to their expectations. In this episode, I introduce a script to make Facebook recognize your photo as a 360 View panorama.
Thank you Morgan Hardwood for your collaboration on this script, and a big thank-you again to Fatdunky for contributing a RAW that worked so well with the concept – and made me envy you your travels.
Fatdunky's RAW file, along with my sidecar file, are on the Weekly Edit page for this episode. The script is posted there too.
We've also archived the script on our Scripts page for easy reference later
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Script to modify EXIF data

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Adds metadata to images so that Facebook displays them as panoramas.
# https://discuss.pixls.us/t/panorama-mode-in-facebook/3585
# By Harry Durgin and Morgan Hardwood

if [[ ! -f ${1} ]]; then
    printf '%sn' "No input file specified or file not found." "Aborting."
    exit 1

while [[ hfov -lt 100 || hfov -gt 360 ]]; do
    read -r -p "Enter horizontal field of view (100-360): " hfov

for f in "${@}"; do
    printf '%sn' "" "Processing: $f"

    width="$(exiftool -T -ImageWidth "${f}")"
    height="$(exiftool -T -ImageHeight "${f}")"

    if [[ ratio -lt 2 ]]; then
        printf '%sn' "Image must have a ratio of at least 2:1." "Skipping."



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