Basic Stacking – Orion

Backyard Astrophotography

An introduction to stacking: basic techniques to reduce noise and enhance details. For this episode, we'll look at an 84-shot stack of Orion taken from my back yard in Hawaii. We use Darktable for pre-stacking preparation, then use lxnstack for alignment and stacking, and it's back to Darktable to finish up after the stack.

This video is the fourth in our faster-edit format. It builds on knowledge from previous videos, running full-tilt through tools and methods to achieve the edit. For fuller explanations, return to the Home Page and scroll down to Topics Discussed or Modules Used on the right-hand bar. Click on any of these, and we assemble a complete playlist of every instance from a knowledge base of our first 27 videos for quick review right here on the site.

Orion Sample RAW
Orion Raw XMP
Orion Post Stack TIFF
Orion Post Stack TIFF XMP #1
Orion Post Stack TIFF XMP #2

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