About Us

We love the Big Island. We moved here almost a decade ago, and have been enchanted ever since.

There's the incredible beauty of every sunrise. Gardening in the tropics. Tree pumpkins, wild avocados, mangoes falling from the sky. The scent of wild ginger. Waves crashing against the cliffs in the night. Being able to see the Milky Way through palm fronds or with red hot lava in the foreground.

That feeling, dangling our legs over the cliff and watching falling stars, that we're on the edge of the Earth. The Windward Side.

I just love to wander the island with a camera, find some fun shots, and bring them home.

My favorite is post-processing. A nice cup of coffee and sitting down to work on a recent photo. I love to experiment, and to research online. I love that brain stretch of finding new ways to look at and edit my photos.

My wife Mouse and I met in Ithaca, New York, at a little bakery in the Fingerlakes, over 30 years ago now.

It's been a good run so far: kids, a bakery or two, pre-press graphics, a restaurant, brewery, chocolate shop, computer business, grandudes (now 9 and 10), retirement, and now a gallery at our home: Tanglewood Gallery

I get up in the morning for a sunrise shot, Mouse goes on a run with the puppy and comes home to make art with me... We marvel at our luck.

Our own gallery!
Tanglewood Gallery
What a dream 🙂